Eileen Day, BS, RT (R)(MR), MRSO (MRSC™)

Program Co-Director, MRI Technical Educator, Safety Officer

Eileen Day is currently the MRI Technical Educator, Safety Officer and Co-Director of the Johns Hopkins MRI Program. In 2005 and 2006, Eileen attended the Radiography Program at the Johns Hopkins School of Medical Imaging. She also graduated with honors from Bloomsburg University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Medical Imaging. Her first job in radiology was as a full-time radiographer in the Emergency Room and became a Clinical Instructor for the Radiography Program in 2009. In 2010 she attended the MRI Program at The Johns Hopkins Hospital and worked her way to become the MRI Technical Educator and Co-Director of the MRI Program in 2014. She has taught the MRI Protocols course in the program and is now currently the instructor for Anatomy, IV Insertion and MRI Safety. Eileen has furthered her passion, support and dedication to MRI Safety through advanced certification by becoming a Magnetic Resonance Safety Officer in 2018.